nature photography blog post #1: on the fringe of spring

Spring is drawing to a close here in the UK. Although summer hasn't quite approached yet, the London weather has been relatively considerate these last couple of days, drizzling the city with a tad more sunshine than what can (usually) be expected at this time of year.

Yesterday afternoon, the sky was looking particularly radiant, so I decided to head outside with my Nikon in hand. My plan was to walk to Primrose Hill, take a few photos there, and spend the next two hours reading on a bench under the shade of an oak tree. Needless to say, I immediately got sidetracked as soon as I stepped out of the house.

a shrub of ceanothus in my neighbour's front yard

Then, I went to a local children's playground. Yep, I know, a weird choice of location for a teenage amateur photographer. But there were some gorgeous flowers in the planter troughs nearby.

flowers are more attractive than humans

dark purple tulips

After spending about 40 minutes hovering around the playground, I took some photos of plants in the residential areas across the street.

more pretty plants

On my way back home, I managed to make a new friend.

oh hello there!

Well, I certainly didn't spend the sunny afternoon idly poring over The Time Traveller's Wife as I had anticipated, but I ended up doing something that was just as eventful, if not more.

all photos shown in this post are taken by me // copyright © 2016 jessica ji | all rights reserved

creative writing

poetry: avalon

(author's note: after rewatching the last episode of bbc merlin for the third time
i sobbed for twenty minutes, then decided to write this poem)

image //


the lake unfolded 
across an expanse of haze,
enclosed by towering snow-dusted firs.

its sapphire surface lay undisturbed 
aside from the occasional wrinkle,
stirred on by a timid zephyr.
reflected in its languid waters
was the molten light of a setting sun,
almost consumed by a shroud of fog.

a young man perched at the bank,
his shoulders hunched as his breath 
condensed into icy mist.
although his face seemed as fresh as morning dew,
his soul was as old 
as the lake itself,
every year that burdened his mind 
once held a thousand memories.

the youth watched
as the day's amber gravestone
sank into distant frosted mountains.

sighing, he stared out into the distance,
each ripple of ultramarine
a surge of embryonic hope.
but he had given up on hope 
long ago.

by jessica ji

copyright © 2016 jessica ji | all rights reserved

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